Metallurgical Coke

Low Ash Metallurgical Coke

In 2015, We started importing of Low Ash Metallurgical coke of Chinese origin

Metallurgical coke is made by Carbonising coking coal in ovens and can produce up to 1500 degrees centigrade temperature when it is used in any cupola furnace.

We are the leading importers of Foundry grade Met Coke from China.

We have stocking facilities at Chennai, Coimbatore & Tuticorin and have our presence in almost all the major cities in South India.

Metallurgical Coke is one of the most important Raw Materials in producing steel and cast iron.

We are the leading suppliers to many foundries in South India whom we cater to through a well-established dealer network.

Even though our forte is foundry grade coke, we also supply small size and coke fractions to many clients.

We also trade in domestic Met Coke which is produced in Gujarat. We have tied up with major and well-known manufacturers for constant and reliable supply.

Steel Shots and Cut wire shots

In 2016 Foundry grade materials like Steel Shots and Cut wire shots were added to our product line.

We have an exclusive facility/factory manufacturing cut wire and steel shots in various sizes in the Shengdong province of China.

Steel and Cut wire shots are used in a foundry to remove sand and other unwanted particles from the rough casting. It also helps in giving the rough casting a glossy finish.

We are the leading suppliers to major foundries across South India.

Lead Scrap

In the year 2019, We have started importing of Lead Scrap Rails from Nigeria for the battery manufacturing industry.

As Lead is one of the major components in the Battery and is categorized as hazardous, it is imperative that we recycle it.

Lead-acid is the most suitable battery to recycle; 70% of its weight contains reusable lead.

We are also importing Remelted Lead from Zambia.