Raw Cashew Nuts in Shell

Since 2017 we have ventured into trading of Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) and processing of the same.

Raw Cashew Nut RCN is imported  from various African countries, like Nigeria, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Benin, Guinea Bissau & Vietnam to name a few in different grades and nut count

We have secure and fumigated facilities at Tuticorin to store and stock the RCN.

cashew dryfruit

Cashew Nut Processing

We have tied-up with three processors in South India and West Bengal who are exclusively processing the RCN for us.

RCN in its raw form is encased in a hard shell and the process to the final product is long and labour intensive. The process involves boiling, cutting, borma, peeling, cooling and finally grading into various grades depending on the size, colour & texture of the kernel.

black eyed beans

Black Eyed Beans

In the year 2019, we have started importing Black Eyed Beans.



In the year 2019, we have also added Cloves to our product line.



In the year 2019, we have also added Soyabeans to our product line.